Conservative, Christian, Educator
for Texas's US Congressional District 3

Rickey was born in Dallas and is very proud of his Texas roots, which predate the Texas Revolution. His family fought for this state then and he's putting his “yes” on the table to fight against the tyranny we face today. Rickey is standing up for all Freedom-loving Americans as he seeks to oust selfish, career politicians while restoring Patriots to positions that can help course-correct the trajectory of our Republic.

Faith, hard-work and personal responsibility are the core of Rickey's character. The oldest of five children from humble beginnings, Rickey was working at the age of seven and has worked ever since. Rickey's passion as a young man was football and was the captain of his high school football team. Rickey worked his way through college in the oil fields of northern Louisiana. The days were long and grueling, but as a first-generation college student, he was determined to, not just go to college, but to finish. Hoping to continue his football career at Louisiana Tech, three knee surgeries ended his football playing days and his focus shifted to coaching and teaching which is exactly what he did. Rickey received his undergraduate degree from Louisiana Tech University, his Masters from Stephen F. Austin State University and his doctor of education (EdD) degree from the University of Texas in Austin, where he challenged professors with his strong conservative values.

For over 35 years, Rickey has served on the front lines of the Texas education system. As a classroom teacher, coach, athletic director, bus driver, high school principal, superintendent, and current Deputy Executive Director of Region 10 Education Service Center. Rickey has a unique and valuable skillset, one that Washington needs more than ever.  He has seen the poisonous infiltration of government programs expanding their tentacles into local classrooms. Rickey’s common sense conservative approach of establishing high expectations, instilling personal accountability measures, and meeting kids where they are academically ensures they reach their individual academic potential. He has a proven track record for elevating academic success. Woke CRT principles disguised as "diversity and inclusion programs," do not elevate student or teacher achievement. Rickey believes that we need less critical "theories'' and more critical thinkers. Public schools are not meant to indoctrinate children. Educators should teach children how to think, not what to think and this must be done in a safe and respectful environment at all costs for ALL children.

Rickey and his family are staunch Constitutional conservatives, vehemently pro-life, pro-gun, pro-America and unapologetically, pro-God.

Rickey and his wife Tammy are also licensed Realtors® and have called the charming community of McKinney home for nearly 14 years. They are members of First McKinney where they have served in children’s ministry. They have three sons and two grandsons, whose future, along with the future of your children and grandchildren, make the hard work and fight to protect and defend our Constitution and this great Republic worth every second of it.